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Business Card plus 1.75 X 2.42 Ad Group Page and Pueblo Town Crier Website

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Options: Pay 12 months,6 months,3 months or monthly you choose payments. For additional size ads contact us below. 

1. You need to stay in touch with your customers.

2. You need to be consistent and appeal to new and existing customers.

3. If you are not advertising, your competitors will. When you can’t be found your competitors will.

4. Competition in these times is very fierce; if you are not constantly in people’s minds you will soon be forgotten. Once this happens you will have to start all over again.  


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 Hard times always come and go, but when you don’t advertise you are easily forgotten or replaced. Keeping up your company profile and image is vital when experiencing the hard times. Presence of your company at all times is a must!!

Using a new and unique concept of advertising raises your business profile and will bring you new customers; it will endorse your existing clients, and will result in new business!

There are numerous reasons why PUEBLO TOWN CRIER should be a key player in your company’s marketing strategy.

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We invite you to learn more about the variety of advertising options available in PUEBLO TOWN CRIER

PUEBLO TOWN CRIER is pleased to offer a specialized media kit for nonprofit advertisers, which features lower net rates, frequency discounts and added value initiatives for nonprofit organizations, educational institutions and so on. For details about advertising opportunities and to customize a program to fit your needs, please contact the advertising department.

            Why Advertise With PUEBLO TOWN CRIER?

Firstly, before we point out why you should want to advertise with us, you need to know why you would advertise at all, in these difficult times.

Advertising can be its own “science” within building a successful business but, not advertising, is a mistake that is quite often overlooked. The main reasons why you need to advertise are simple.